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Beijing Gold Exchange Centre Co.Ltd (BGEC) was established in the year 2010 under the approval of the national government as the comprehensive precious metal trading institutions and built by the China Beijing Equity Exchange, Beijing Financial Assets Exchange, China Reform and Industry Co., Ltd., developed and supported on the CBEX group platform. As the professional precious metal and its creative product investment and trading institution in China, BGEC fully takes the strength of geographical positions as the financial policy making and service providing center, the industrial advantages of increasing demand of precious metal investment, the professional superiority of the investment products and services, and the channel edges of the trading network, to establish the multi-product, multi-level and multi-channel operation service system with the precious metal such as gold business as the core.

BGEC actively implements the Beijing financial strategic development and industrial measurements, innovates and explores to establish the precious metal sales, investment and service platform including repurchase of gold bullion, bank brand gold, special theme precious gold products, Shanghai Gold Exchange trading products, gold sales entrustment business. BGEC fully cooperates with the financial institutions to promote the precious metal products innovation abilities, establishes the national channels with equity exchanges and investment institutions based on Beijing market so as to build the international influential comprehensive precious metal trading service platform, to provide the investment, trading and overall service for precious metals and innovative products.

BGEC has established the cooperation with the national leading commercial banks and over 50 local banks on precious metal services, including ICBC, BCM, Ping An Bank, Industrial Bank, Jin Shang Bank, Ning Bo Bank, Shenzhen Financial Electric Settlement Center, etc., and plans to build the service terminal ends through the whole nation with large-scale commercial groups, to providing the precious metal products, precious metal trading products, gold sales entrustment products, gold repurchase services, precious metal financial advisory services, and gold rental services for SOEs, to becoming the precious metal products provider and service provider for commercial banks, and the ideal cooperation partners for the mass consumers and investors.

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