Leaders of Shenzhen United Assets and Equity Exchange visited CBEX

  On the morning of March 24, Zhang Weiliang, general manager of the Shenzhen United Assets and Equity Exchange, and his party visited CBEX. Zhu Ge, deputy secretary and general manager of the CBEX, received the guests.
  General Manager Zhu Ge extended a warm welcome and his entourage, led the guests to visit the trading floor, briefly explained the development history and various business developments of the CBEX, and focused on the recent years of CBEX. He gave a detailed introduction to the initiatives in digital transformation.
  General Manager Zhang Weiliang expressed his appreciation for the development achievements made by the CBEX over the years, and introduced in detail the development history of the Shenzhen United Property Rights Exchange and effective practices in business innovation.
  Finally, both parties stated that they will further strengthen cooperation in the future, and strive to jointly achieve more breakthroughs in improving market-oriented service capabilities, better serve the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, and jointly assist the implementation of national strategies.