Zhu Ge, deputy secretary and general manager of the CBEX, visited China Galaxy Asset Management Co., LTD

  On the morning of August 5, Zhu Ge, deputy secretary and general manager of the CBEX, visited Galaxy Asset and met with the deputy general manager and director of Galaxy Asset. Wan Jilong communicated on the establishment of comprehensive strategic cooperation. Jie Jun, deputy general manager of Asset Department of Galaxy Asset, and Zhou Zhiwu, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of CBEX, attended the meeting.

  Wan Jilong welcomed the visit of Zhu Ge and introduced the establishment background, organizational structure, strategic positioning and business layout of Galaxy Asset. The heads of the Asset Management Department, Asset Operating Department, and Capital Market Department conducted in-depth exchanges on the development of business cooperation between the two parties and future cooperation methods.

  General Manager Zhu Ge thanked Galaxy Asset for the warm reception and introduced the historical evolution, group development, market-oriented innovation, and investment banking services of the CBEX

  The two parties stated that they will continue to strengthen communication in the future, and establish cooperation mechanisms in areas such as investment and disposal of non-performing assets.