About Us

   Founded in February 2004, China Beijing Equity Exchange(following refer as “CBEX”) is a comprehensive property rights trading organization approved by the Beijing Municipal People's government. In the continuous development, it has been gradually positioned as "the market-oriented tool for the government to manage the economy", "the sunshine platform to implement the source of anti-corrosion" and "the important builder and operator of the capital's important market".            

  Since its establishment, CBEX has always adhered to the principle of "standardization" and "innovation", and insisted on the principle of "openness, fairness and fairness", actively serving the central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises and public assets involved in transactions, covering the business scope of state-owned property rights transfer of enterprises, capital increase and share expansion of state-owned enterprises, asset transfer of state-owned enterprises and administrative institutions, housing lease of state-owned enterprises litigation assets disposal and other kinds of public resource transactions. CBEX has played an important role in helping state-owned assets to maintain and increase value, helping state-owned enterprises to reform the mixed ownership system, and promoting the development of strategic emerging industries.            

  On this basis, CBEX actively responds to the call of the central government on supporting the development of private enterprises and regional economy, relies on the public trust of property market and the advantages of investment banking service ability, and carries out solid services such as non-state-owned property equity transaction, merger and reorganization of listed companies, tourism resource transaction, sports industry resource transaction, debt asset transaction, local government investment promotion, cross-border merger and acquisition financing. It has effectively promoted the high-quality development of the real economy.            

  At the same time, focusing on the construction of the capital factor market system, CBEX has set up professional trading platforms such as China Technology Exchange, Beijing Financial Assets Exchange, Beijing Environment Exchange and other supporting service institutions such as Beijing Equity Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing registration and settlement Co., Ltd. through investment, and has built a group operation structure, expanding its business scope to technology, financial products, environmental rights and interests, iron ore and other fields have realized the "full expansion" of factor trading varieties, effectively improved the allocation level and utilization efficiency of various factor resources, played an important role in helping government departments to manage economy, promote the construction of ecological civilization, build a national science and technology innovation center in Beijing, and help the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, which reflects the financial services for the real economy essential requirements. The trading scale of CBEX has also leaped from more than 20 billion yuan at the beginning of its establishment. In 2015, it broke through 5 trillion yuan for the first time, and in 2019, it broke through 8 trillion yuan, setting a new record. It has become the central market and leading institution of the national factor trading market.            

  The great blueprint drawn by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China provides a broad development space for the development of CBEX. In the future, the CBEX will take Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as its guide and focus on the national and regional development strategy and the city function of Beijing's "four centers", and strive to create new achievements for the capital and China's economic and social development.